Mokoto Arena

The Makoto Arena is wonderfully adapted to fit the needs of each individual through programmed activities in a game format. Children and Adults alike are offered the opportunity to be challenged at different levels which encourage them to come back. The Makoto Arena can accommodate more than one individual and foster a team approach where collaboration and socialization skills are practiced.

Makoto works toward increasing the processing speed of auditory and visual stimuli, which in turn develops motor planning, memory, initiation, agility, and stamina. Repairing or stimulating brain growth occurs with each experience. Integration of neuronal tracts happen naturally as an individual becomes comfortable with using their hands or feet to hit targets that stimulate the brain through lights and sounds at varying decibels of low, mid and high tones. 

The Makoto Arena is a perfect motivator for individuals with learning challenges by decreasing stress on their system with easy to follow instructions and allowing kids to be kids where play takes center stage. Over time, therapeutic tasks are presented to encourage increased brain fitness through the integration of muscle memory and working memory. Tasks include visual tracking of numbers, letters, nouns, verbs, and spelling words etcetera on the walls of the therapy room to intensify the experience.

Makoto helps individuals who have suffered cardiovascular, neurologic impairments such as stroke or TBI and are looking to regain skills that may have been lost. 

It is also great for fitness fanatics wanting to increase their performance level out on the playing field. 

Studies involving the Makoto Arena have show marked improvements with a minimum of 2 minute sessions in children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. 

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Marian Shaw, Founder of Motoko Arena